Schule zum Wohlfühlen

Bei uns steht der Mensch im Mittelpunkt, weil Kinder und Erwachsene nur in einem Klima von Wertschätzung, Respekt und Vertrauen individuelle Höchstleistungen erbringen können: Miteinander lernen, üben, feiern und Spaß haben und füreinander einstehen!

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

School and Me

Hi people! Today I write about my school.

My name is Azad. I go to secondary school in Bad Leonfelden.
Every day I walk to school. My form teacher is Mrs. Kilzer. I like her a lot, because she has always a smile on her face.
Hmmm - don´t let me forget, our headmistress is Angela Lonauer, she is a very clever woman. But she is very disciplined, and I think she should be, because here are 200 or more kids!
My favourite teacher is Mrs. Grömer, because she explains English very well.
We have a great timetable. First lesson on Monday morning is English. It is my favourite subject, because I understand it very well and Mrs. Grömer praises me:"Azad, you are very good at English!"
But I don´t like Tuesday mornings, because we have got Geography and it is not interesting for me.
We have lunch break at half past twelve. In the lunch break I usually go to Billa to buy some drinks.

😎 Thank you so much for your kind words, Azad! 😎
Your headmistress